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When the finally kids finish school for the year and the summer holidays mean a good six weeks of child boredom, then you’ll be wanting to look for fun things to do in Norfolk for all the family. Fortunately, Norfolk is rich in visitor attractions to keep those little ones entertained… and it needn’t cost the earth!

Here are just a few ideas that’ll keep them entertained throughout the summer. Simply click on the links for more information.

A trip to the zoo

Wildlife and nature adventures

Go back into History

Something for everyone


So from this limited list, you can already see that there are plenty of fun things to do in Norfolk, and hopefully gives you a few ideas to keep your little ones occupied this summer. But if we’ve still not whetted your appetite, then why not explore the hundreds of listings we have here on Norfolk Online.


  1. Gosh, I have been wanting to take my family to the UK for the longest time. Seeing your post makes me want to go even more! Looks like so many fun things to do especially in Norfolk. Until we plan something out, I will be coming back time to time to your site and I can always imagine I am there. Thanks for the great tips pn things to do there! One day we will be there!

    1. Thanks Charlie. We would welcome you here in Norfolk. Do come and see us.:-)

  2. Hi, there are no word to express the most beautiful thing I see hear I would love to come to Norfolk It surprised me when I say Norfolk right away I thought of The Rifleman ,But I especially linked Go back in History The thursford Collection Loved the steam engines they were out of site also loved the Bure Valley Railways wish I could go your whole site is full of fun things to do in Norfolk and I see how it would keep the family busy the whole summer Very Nice and very informational Thank You for this it made me feel good

  3. Berend

    Hi sean!
    I didn’t know you can do so many fun things in Norfolk! I have english family and i will recommend them going to Norfolk.
    Very original article and thanks for sharing

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